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On the Mall, Looking Up

I wasn’t going to get any decent photos of the 8/21/17 eclipse due to lack of the appropriate filter and lens, so I  just got the reactions of those experiencing […]

Māori Haka Dance at the Lincoln Memorial

A group of Māori from New Zealand performed Haka and Poi at the Lincoln Memorial, and completed it just before a big storm arrived. The following week  they were at […]

Herons in Motion on the C&O

I forgot to select “AI Focus” on the camera before I started following them, so I never got the relationship between the background motion blur and these Great Blue Herons […]

DAPL Protest

Protesters against the Dakota Access Pipeline in Standing Rock, North Dakota held a rally in front of the White House.  They had also set up a camp on The Mall. […]

President’s Day Protest

For this one the location was Dupont Circle. They then marched down Connecticut Ave. and Massachusetts Ave. heading to the White House. I only followed part way so I’m not […]

Women’s March on Washington

Definitely a good vibe out there, and lots of fun signs. I was on the Independence Ave. side as the march was supposed to go down that way and 14th […]

Inauguration Protests 2017

The ANSWER Coalition had a protest along the parade route at the Navy Memorial on Pennsylvania Ave. at 7th.  The other photos are from a confrontation between protesters and police […]

Blooming Corpse

The Titan Arum aka “Corpse Flower” (scientific name Amorphophallus titanum) bloomed at the US Botanic Garden this week.  It is a pretty amazing plant that blooms once every 7 years, and […]

Palisades 4th of July Parade

Bolivian dancers, lady liberty, skateboarders, a dog for president, and the Mayor! This was the 50th year that the very folksy 4th of July Parade in the Palisades neighborhood of […]

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