Descriptive keywords such as location, color, composition, and other content, along with site descriptions and page titles are all important in determining how people find your website and images on the web.

The following are examples of photos I took, and the keywords I attached to them:

pt_lisbon_belem_7745_crop_700wKeywords: 15th, 16th, Arches, Architecture, Belem, Belém, Building, Catholic, Century, Church, District, EU, Europe, European Union, Gothic, Hieronymite, Hieronymites, Iberian Peninsula, Interior, Limestone, Lisboa, Lisbon, Luso, Manueline, Men, Monastery, Mosteiro, Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, Order, Order of St. Jerome, People, Portugal, Portuguese, Regiao, Region, UNESCO, UNESCO World Heritage Site, Women, World Heritage Site; Wide Shot







Keywords: Botanical; Fauna; Flora; Oahu; Hawaii; Hawaiian; Hibiscus; Hibiscus rosa-sinensis; Hibisceae; Malvaceae; Mallow; Nobody; Close-up; Outdoors; Plantae; Plants; Red; State Flower; Green Leaves; Tropical; Tropics; USA; United States